Apprentice Assignment: “The Joys of Childhood”

Assignments are a regular feature co-authored by Becky and Susie. Becky completes Digital Photography School’s Weekly Assignment and she and Susie discuss her techniques and results.

Becky: Hey Susie! The assignment this week was “The Joys of Childhood”. Marcus as Superman epitomizes many childhood joys, including a total lack of self-awareness and the inability to distinguish between real life and fantasy. I don’t endorse those qualities in an adult, of course, but I’m in no hurry for him to start worrying about what other people think and I don’t mind if he spends a little longer unaware of the harsher realities of our world. I think that’s why everyone smiles when he wears his costume to the doctor’s office or the grocery store and why I was a little teary through this special shooting session. So here’s the first option…

DPS Joys of Childhood Assignment Superman Costume (1)

Susie: Marcus does love being Superman! I think he has his outfit on almost every time I come up. :) He really is just adorable in it. I like Marcus as Superman for the theme. I think you said it when you said a child as a superhero just epitomizes childhood joy. I also really like the photo a LOT, but I’m not sure it is quite the “Joys” of childhood. Because his back is turned towards the camera, his face is turned away, and his hand is swung backwards like he’s about to leave the ground and fly into the air, it almost seems like this one is saying “leaving the joys of childhood.” Maybe I’m just in a reflective mood right now, though, and can’t think quite straight. I do so LOVE this picture, did a splendid job on it – everything from the composition to the lighting. gorgeous. And, I’m also sure you have more photos to show me, because you couldn’t take Marcus out and just get one picture. ;) What else is there?

Becky: Yep, I pretty much agree 100% with your assessment. I think that picture is emotional to me because it expresses how fleeting this phase is.  So its meaningful to me, but probably not the best for the assignment. I also rejected it because I don’t think vertical photos have the same “umph” on the DPS page (which ruled out about 2/3 of the shots I took during this session) and because his head is a little less sharp or something… it just bothers me.

So here’s a stronger option. This is his “intimidating the bad guys” look.

DPS Joys of Childhood Assignment Superman Costume (2)

Susie: That is just adorable! I think this one can definitely be a candidate for the assignment, because it just shows a kid being a kid, excuse me, superhero. :) The lighting is good, although I think his face could be just a little lighter, but that may just be my monitor displaying the photo darker. Do you have any other possibilities?

Becky: Yeah, I think it needs some editing… :-) And I think that his look is cute, but not joyful exactly. I had a particuarly hard time narrowing these down. I was looking at them as a mother who is so familiar with which expressions are most “Marcus”, as a photographer examining the technical details, and as a contestant picking the right picture for this assignment. It was hard to be objective and hard to know which eyes I was using as I assessed, you know? How’s this?

DPS Joys of Childhood Assignment Superman Costume

Susie: uh….WOW! Love it! Lighting: amazing. Expression: Priceless. I think this pretty much says it all. :)

Becky: Alright, then that’s my entry. :-)  I like it as a mother, photographer, and a contestant. Susie, thanks for the advice… and thanks for reading along, y’all!!  I just re-read this and its not quite as lively as many of our others… I think its because we agreed on everything this time around!!

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  1. cute idea! loved reading your diologue

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