Hi! We’re Susie and Becky, sister-in-law’s who married brothers. We love our families and photography! Susie started the business [hence, the name] and after she got married in 2010 and moved to DC, we decided to join forces and work together.

Our style is fresh, vibrant, authentic and inspired.  We are inspired by creativity all around us and by our clients.  We value photographs and want you to have artful products that you’ll display proudly and enjoy daily.

More about us:

  • Susie ran a business in her former career.  Becky was a math teacher.
  • Becky loves cooking. Susie burns water.
  • Susie has a bottomless mug of coffee.  Becky drinks hot chocolate.
  • Becky has watched every episode, commentary, and deleted scene from The Office.  Susie likes watching Castle.
  • Susie’s photography courses took her, among other places, to Europe.  Becky learned on her kids.
  • Becky’s a runner. Susie likes word games.
  • Becky loves to garden.  Susie can’t keep a houseplant alive.
  • Susie has a great poker face.  Becky wears her heart on her sleeve.
  • Becky researches.  Susie does.
  • We both think it’s awesome to work with each other!!!

Photo credit: Marcella Treybig Photography